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Web Site Design

We follow very structured steps to develop a Web Site. Below are the various stages of the development process.

Stage One - Define Goals
It is not enough to just have a Web Site. A Web Site is unique representation of a business and creating an optimum site requires careful planning of how the available technology can provide the maximum benefit. The first step is a design review to ensure the goals are clearly defined so content, design, and structure can support those goals. All of our designs are created to seemlessly adjust for the device being used to view the site. This technique is called responsive design, which is very important with all the different devices now in use.
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Stage Two - Identify Content
Identifying clear and concise content is critical to keeping potential customers at the site and getting them to return again & again. We collaborate with the customer to develop content that provides optimum interactive experience for the user.
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Stage Three - Create Structure
The structure of a Web Site provides the basis or framework to apply the content, giving the site unity. Creating the structure based on the Goals and Content ensures a clear and consistent solution. In this stage we start by developing a storyboard of the site. It allows us simulate the flow of the Web Site
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Stage Four - Site Development
With the first three stages complete, it is time to actually develop the Web Site. This is the stage where the Web Site is built, tested, and reviewed by the customer to ensure it functions and conveys the desired goals, information, and identity of the Company.
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Stage Five - Publishing & Promotion
Now that the Web Site is finished it can be published on the Internet. Just simply posting it on the Internet will not get people to find or visit your site. We submit your site on the appropriate search engines, send announcement to newsgroups, and work with you to ensure your standard marketing information includes your Internet address.

Web design rates are currently $50 per hour.