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Web Site Hosting

Our hosting services is on a high speed backbone connection to the Internet with high-speed powerful servers running Microsoft® Windows® Server and ColdFusion Enterprise Server. Our servers and network is continuously monitored, to ensure a 99.9% uptime. Having a web site is important, but ensuring it loads fast and is available at all times is essential.

Email Access
There are separate E-Mail servers to ensure that the mail traffic does not interfere with the web traffic and vise versa. Email can be accessed by a client software or by Web Mail, which allows customers to manage their email via a web interface. Options include reading, sending, deleting, forwarding, reply, reply to all, address book plus much more. Our powerful web mail servers give you complete control over your email even more then some email client programs. We have one of the most powerful web mail programs in the web hosting market today.

SSL / Cert Hosting
This option allows customer to purchase a SSL certificate to make use of encrypted pages for secure content delivery. Such security is needed for online order forms for accepting credit card or other personal information in a secure matter.

Live Web Site Statistics
Enables you to view an easy to understand web based layout in which you can track the usage of your visitors. It is very powerful tracking for up to the minute data about your web site.

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