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Basic Pricing Information

To help understand internet web design & hosting prices, here are some frequently used terms and fee structures.

  • Web Site - typically refers to all the web pages or information content.
  • Home Page - is the first or main web page within a web site.
  • Web Hosting - is the service of providing space on a web server with various capabilities for providing access to your web site content through the internet.
  • Web Application - refers to an interactive software application that uses a web browser as the user interface to typically access a database for the content.

Fee Structure
In developing an Internet presence there are at least two types of fees. One is for the actual web page design/development and the other is for hosting of the web site on a web server. These two fees will get you a web site on the the internet. However, some companies charge a setup fee, which is typically for just creating your account and initializing the files and network mapping within the web server. Web Concepts does not charge setup fees!

Web Site Package Pricing                             Credit Cards Accepted

  ➢ The prices below are our package prices.
  ➢ A specific quote can be obtained for your requirements outside of these packages.
Starter Web Site
Small Web Site
Standard Web Site
Dynamic Data
Design Fee
Hosting Fee
$5 Monthly
or $50 Yearly
$10 Monthly
or $100 Yearly
$20 Monthly
or $200 Yearly
$40 Monthly
or $400 Yearly
Domain Name
Your Unique Name
Your Unique Name
Your Unique Name
Your Unique Name
Home/Splash plus 3
(Feature List A)
Home/Splash plus 8
(Feature List A or B)
Home/Splash plus 15
(Feature List A or B)
Home/Splash plus 20
(Feature List A or B)
Email Accounts
Web Site Statistics
Web Developer
Self Manage Content

* Web Design rates are currently $80 per hour.
* ColdFusion & web application programming rates are currently $100 per hour.