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Web applications refers to an interactive software application that uses a web browser as the user interface, to access a database for the dynamically changing content. We can provide high quality web application solutions to fit your requirements and goals. We implement robust and efficient solutions that integrate seamlessly into your web site or business solution.

Bring real business capabilities to your web site with web-enabled database applications. Enable your company or organization to share large amounts of information with your employees, members, or customers.

Information is the single most valuable asset. How you make use of that information is the difference between a successful endeavor and one that fails. Utilizing dynamic database-driven web applications for enabling business processes, customer service, or e-commerce transactions can leverage your company's information resources to compete in an on-line world.

Web applications provide product information, pricing, images, inventory management, business forms, real estate listings, document management, statistical information, glossary, etc. Any type of data that changes regularly and/or there is large amounts of, should use databases to provide real time access in an online format.

The main tool we use for developing web applications is ColdFusion. It allows you to create dynamically generated Web pages from an ODBC compliant database. It also allows you to change items in the database, store customers in a database, perform mathematical functions, SMTP (email) functions, and many other commonly needed, but missing components of HTML. ColdFusion, developed and updated by Allaire, has been a driving force in the database connectivity market. It is a premier web development tool used by some of the largest and most highly visited sites on the internet.

ColdFusion & web application programming rates are currently $50 per hour.

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