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The primary services we provide are based around developing, hosting, and managing a web presence. We also provide computer and networking services to ensure our clients understand the technology, have reliable network access, and their hardware remains up and running. Our goal is to apply the right technology to achieve your business goals and return on investment. Below we expand on each of our services. For more information on these service, use the menu to the right.

Web Site Design
For every opportunity the Internet provides businesses to convey complex ideas and information, it poses a new challenge to present information in a clear, meaningful method. At Web Concepts, we combine appropriate graphics and the information content to construct web sites or internet business solutions. Our approach is the same whether we start from scratch or with a site redesign

Web Site Hosting
We are focused on providing the highest quality web hosting. We continually evaluate new methods and features for upgrading our services to provide the lastest technology. Our service offers you a reliable, fast, and cost-effective web site hosting.

Web Site Maintenance
The most common problem with web sites is keeping the content fresh and up-to-date. We have an excellent reputation for maintaining the our clients web sites. We also have some innovative technology for allowing our customers to manage their own sites without specially trained and highly technical staff.

Electronic Business
Electronic Business or E-Business is making products, services, and information available to customers through an electronic method, such as the Internet. In most instances, using E-Business for your company will make it easier, faster, and more profitable to sell your products/services and even provide better customer service. We offer services for developing and implementing E-Business.

Web Applications
Web-Based applications allow you to provide dynamically changing information through an Internet Web browser. The dynamic information is directly accessed from your database. We offer services for developing and implementing Web Application solutions.

Home and Small Business Networks
We evaluate, design, and install computer networks for homes and small businesses. Do you simply want to connect two home computers together to share files, a printer, and/or an internet connection. Do you have a small business that needs to share common files on a server, pass email, pass files, share printers, or access the internet. We provide a turn-key service to get everything installed and the basic training to use the network. This service is only available to customers in our local area.

Computer Training
We provide basic training for using Windows operating system (95 to XP), most windows based software applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Works, Access), and your computer periphials (printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.). This service is only available to customers in our local area.

Computer Repair and Service
We provide setup, repair, and upgrade services for most PC type of computers, whether they are name brand or not. This service is only available to customers in our local area.

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